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About The Show

Life is a crazy thing. Sometimes, reality is even stranger than fiction. We have all had our asses kicked once or twice. We have all experienced serious loss. Sometimes, you get hit so hard, you never think you can get back up again. Bek Lover, speaks with amazing people, about their lives, and life itself. The format is open conversation, and never interrogation. Extraordinary people share their lives with you, so maybe, you can learn a thing or two about life. Bek Lover says, ” No matter how bad things are, no matter how down you are, you can always make a Come Back!”

Meet The Host

Bek Lover

Bek Lover

Bek Lover, was born in the USA, after his mother’s family was hunted down by the communist regime in Albania, because his grandfather was an anti-communist fighter. His father fled the oppression that occurred in the now, non-existent country of, Yugoslavia, now the Republic of Kosova. 

Bek Lover, has lost a lot of people in his lifetime, from various situations,  including the, Kosovo War, in 1999. He lost 30 people in a single day when they were massacred by the Serbian Military. He also was present during, the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center!  Bek Lover, uses his struggles, life experiences, and his connections to inspire people to never give up!.

The best way to help others, is to share what we know about this life through our own experiences. After getting back up, over and over, it is now, Bek Lover’s mission, to help other people, get back up.. to make a Come Back!

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